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What Should a Writer Plan to Include in the End of a Narrative Essay?

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The way in which events are presented is crucial to a narrative essay. The writer should put the things in a way that creates curiosity. A writer may also decide what events to add at the end. It will help make the story more interesting and less repetitious. Take a look at these tips when preparing to write you narrative.


An effective narrative essay’s concluding sentence encapsulates the central topic or issue of the piece as well as focuses on a final statement that makes that message clear. It is basically equivalent as a thesis for an essay , or as the main point of a news article. It must contain emotional reflection, analysis, and reflection and summarize the key elements. Here are some suggestions for writing a powerful concluding paragraph for a narrative essay.

Define the events that occurred in the narrative in chronological order. It will make the story flow more smoothly. Or, you can organize body paragraphs using learnings. This shows your critical thinking. While it is easy to write about the incident however, it takes some thinking and critical thinking. Any method can be used as you can make sure that the ending conveys an enlightening message. It is the reader’s sole purpose to read the text to gain knowledge. The concluding paragraph leaves readers thinking.

The closing of a story essay should be a reflection of the author’s personal feelings. The conclusion should be just as engaging as the opening however, it should still give the reader the space to develop their own interpretations. Keep in mind that spilling words across the paper is never simple. The first and the last words of each sentence can make it easier. Define how the main character will feel in the aftermath of the incident. Let the reader feel empathy for the main character.

An essay narrative can include an examination of the subject or a moral statement. A conclusion, in contrast to a typical essay, shouldn’t provide answers to every query. The conclusion may just hint at a meaning or a solution. The writer can choose a narrowly defined theme, not widely talked about on the internet. If not, the article could not be interesting and therefore rejected in the end. The essay could also be written using the language of metaphors or lyrics to assist your readers in understanding the narrative.


An excellent narrative essay can divide a major event into smaller incidents, with clear explanations about what took place. The essay can also contain comparisons with other events, or a description of a thought-leader. Narrative essays can also incorporate literary devices, such as a strong opening and a concluding paragraph that settles the issue and reintroduces the subject. Writers must conclude their story with an unexpected punchline or a memorable line after creating a compelling opening.

The final paragraph of a story essay must explain what the author has learned. It could be an account of a personal event or fictional account. For a personal tale it must explain what you learned or how you could have done it differently for the exact same situation. The conclusion should also offer suggestions for other readers. Writers should provide brief conclusions at the conclusion of every narrative piece.

A good narrative essay must bring out the five senses, and contain a conflict. It should not be too general , nor too specific. The narrative essay should be written using clear language and avoid using jargon. They should not make arguments similar to an essay that is persuasive. You shouldn’t include the details about every character’s movement. Instead, they should concentrate on defining the key plot points.

The introduction paragraph sets the scene for the story and usually shorter than other sections of the narrative essay. It must also connect the story to the larger topic. For example, a goldfish’s loss could inspire an article on loss, or even a stolen car keys could be the trigger for reflections on the life. The ideal introduction paragraph is an introduction for the author. A short biographical introduction, an introduction to the person, and details about the background.


These elements are important for writing narrative essays. To build tension in a story, suspense is essential. It requires suspense to create a sense of mystery for the reader or viewer. In some cases, the writer may reveal a few clues to what will happen next. These keep readers on edge and eager to find out more. The main theme of suspense tends to be something that’s serious. It could be a recent event or one the author might have encountered.

The suspense of suspense creates anticipation. Writers can build suspense with the use of withholding information, leaving the reader wondering to the very last. It can also create tension by asking crucial questions, which depending on the type of story , can make readers feel awestruck and enthralled. The suspense of a narrative essay can be created through dramatically ironic or withholding excessive information.

If the main character has an unfathomable flaw, the story could be thrilling. Like, Frodo must carry the One Ring to Mt. Doom and isn’t allowed to leave Rivendell, as Gimli broke that One Ring during Rivendell. As the reader is unsure about the fate of their main protagonist The suspense intensifies.

There are numerous ways to add suspense to a narrative essay. It is best to plan the suspense components in advance. It makes the story more effective and obvious. It is achievable in the sense that you ensure your reader is keeping up with the plot. Also, the essayist is expected to lay the groundwork for the next scene or moment. So, the suspense is maintained throughout the story. This increases your chance that you will get an A grade and keep you on your toes.

Expressions for transition

One great method to tie the loose ends of your story is to use transitional words to help your sentences flow much more easily. These words help establish clearly defined connections between concepts that help make paragraphs and sentences run smoothly. They also strengthen concepts that are immediately prior to them. The word «therefore» joins two phrases, like. The audience is informed that Carla did not get enough sleep in the evening prior to her speech. When she got up to go to work it was imperative that she drink an extra large cup coffee.

A transition can be described as a phrase, word or phrase, sentence or even an entire paragraph. It summarises or explains the preceding events and helps the reader anticipate what’s coming next. There are many examples.

A different example of a transitory term is «also.» «also» is another example of a verb that transitions. It serves two purposes as it signifies the start of the paragraph that follows, it also signifies that the paragraph has finished. This signifies a shift in the readers’ mental habits Without it, the relationship between the paragraphs become less evident. This is exactly the function the camera plays on film. Though it is a visual representation reflecting reality, the camera has very little to demand the attention of its viewers. The camera’s passive awareness allows viewers to count on the camera to interpret what’s going on in the film.

When writing an essay, the use of a transitional word is essential. It shows the reader what parts of the writing connect to the other. The paragraph also aids readers in understanding the purpose of paragraphs. Keep similar content in the same paragraph when using transitional phrases. Three paragraphs may seem repetitious, but the text with less transitions feels less jarring and is easier to comprehend.

Strong details

When writing narrative essays Strong details are required to include a sensory element. Particularly important details should incorporate the senses, such as sounds, sights, and tastes. The details you provide should be towards the end of the essay to help resolve the central tension. The main plot should be established. Following that, the essay needs to conclude by finding a resolution to both themes and conflicts. Your essay will be much more successful if you include powerful details towards the end.

Make sure to incorporate your personal experiences in writing your essays. Avoid citing outside sources unless necessary. Do not write about a topic which has received a lot of discussion online. An article that is better focused will catch the attention of viewers and keep their attention. Regardless of the type of narrative, the strong information in the final paragraph of a narrative essay help the writer make the audience be convinced of what the writer is saying.

A narrative essay could be written in a variety of ways. It could include a set of incidents, one experience or the whole of them. You can include multiple conflicts or resolutions. Think about how the structure of the story should be when choosing your topic. Use a call to action or a question that will help the reader decide which actions to pursue.

A story with no logical conclusion lacks vision and revelation. Some stories seem to be small in significance and offer little or an absence of resolution. Even the most talented writers struggle to conclude the narrative. Try writing an excellent conclusion to enhance your writing abilities. These strategies will assist you write captivating essays that show the passion you have for writing and will inspire other people to follow suit. If you require assistance with writing do not be afraid to ask for help.

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